Our private server

Our private server World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King "Guardians of the Sydhe"is available, and its access is free for all members of the community, without subscription or cash shop.

To join us on this server, you need to create a WOW-Sydhe special account on this site and install the game client. Join us beforehand on Discord so that we give you the necessary access.

Server configuration

  • [Fashion] : Normal
  • Every weekend: Double XP
  • [Transmo]: extension allowing transmogrification for the Lich King extension
  • [Bot HV] (GoleM buys and sells all kinds of objects ...)
  • [TwoSides] : unlike official servers, there are many possible interactions between characters from opposite factions: groups, instance groups, raid groups, chat channels, Auction House, exchanges, inspection, contact list, and private messages.
  • All characters on the server are automatically added to the guild "Sydhe"(however, you can leave it later to create another one).
  • [Guild house] : Each MG can buy an area reserved for their guild and add buildings and NPCs

For any first character created on your account, you are eligible to receive 10 in on simple request to an admin!

Server settings

SkillChance.Orange = 100
SkillChance.Yellow = 75
SkillChance.Green = 25
SkillChance.Grey = 0
Rate.Drop.Item.Poor = 1
Rate.Drop.Item.Normal = 1.5
Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon = 1.5
Rate.Drop.Item.Rare = 1.5
Rate.Drop.Item.Epic = 1.5
Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary = 1.2
Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact = 1.2
Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced = 1
Rate.Drop.Money = 1.0

Please Contact us for more information.

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