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Our community was founded in 2017 in Azeroth, in our guild Sydhe sure Hyjal. We decided to invest in it again through a gameplay more authentic on WOW Classic. Our guild on Hyjal is still alive, and will certainly be even more so with the arrival of the new extension Shadowlands.

Charte de guilde

Join us

To join us on WOW Retail, il vous faut un personnage sur le royaume Hyjal, faction Horde.

Then contact one of the officers to be invited. Do not forget to specify on our Discord : name of your character, race, class, pending role, professions, availability.

Guild Spirit

The community charter being applicable for all our activities, it is essential to respect it in our guilds WOW.

Our peculiarity as a guild WOW est que nous préférons l'entraide et la solidarité au rush et à la compétition déloyale, suivant cette phrase célébre :

To conquer without danger, we triumph without glory. (Crow)

Attitude and behavior

The spirit of the guild is intended to put the interests of the group before the personal interests of each. Being part of the community means that each of us must behave in an exemplary manner. We ask you to keep a sociable behavior, because insults and abusive language are prohibited with us. Respect and politeness must be the watchwords of guild members, both inside and outside the guild.


Our first objective is to promote collective play, leveling, learning the game and classes, mutual aid and conviviality, without necessarily participating in HL activities. Our second objective is to discover together the different aspects of the game in PVE HL : we are preparing a roster for each of the two guilds.

Certain additional objectives are being studied: PVP and RP in particular.


The grades

  • Guild Master

Administration and management of the guild, general strategy, external relations.

  • Officer

Daily guild management tasks, moderation of communication tools, ensuring respect and strengthening the cohesion and life of the guild, participation in important decisions related to the guild.

  • Veteran

Substitutes of the Officers, can attend the interviews (recruitments and evaluations), are consulted for important decisions of the guild.

  • Member

Participation in the life of the guild

  • Recruit

During an evaluation period of approximately two weeks


When you enter the guild, you get the rank of Recruit. This means that you will be in evaluation for a while.

The duration of the assessment is generally 2 weeks, but it can be reduced or increased if necessary. At the end of the evaluation period, the officers and veterans meet and vote for the effective integration of recruits. In the event of an unfavorable vote, the evaluation period is not validated.

Internal democracy

La guilde a un fonctionnement démocratique : les membres sont consultés pour les changements d'orientation, les modifications à la charte, et les heures et jours de sorties de guilde.

Veterans, such as officers or the MG are called to vote to validate the evaluation periods for recruits.

Guild meetings are held every two weeks, on Sunday from 6.30 p.m. on vocal Discord. They are an opportunity to debate the decisions put on the agenda in the previous week. The agenda is established in the form of a list of questions to be decided at a guild meeting. Any member, veteran, officer or MG can add questions to the agenda.

Chaque décision peut être mise au vote, mais la MG a le droit de prononcer son droit de veto. Les officiers prennent note, appliquent les décisions et rendent compte à la réunion suivante.