Trackmania² Stadium

Trackmania is an arcade game based on car racing. The peculiarity of Trackmania compared to other games of the same type is the arcade side of this game, the circuits can be composed of springboards or even different blocks which allow to spice up the races a little.
The advantage of Trackmania is that everyone has the same car and that the difference will only be made on the level of the players.
The handling of the game is quite simple and is both playable on keyboard and controller. The circuits can be played on bitumen, earth, grass and can include looping jumps, "wall ride".

Trackmania has different game modes

  • The main mode, which allows players to measure themselves on fairly short circuits (30sec to 2min) to make the best time. The circuits are created by the community and are so numerous that it is impossible to get bored.
  • The RPG mode, which allows players to complete courses on decorated and rather long circuits (2min to 2h) in order to pass the different obstacles and complete the course. The time is not particularly important in this mode, the interest is especially to pass the various obstacles present on the course.

The game is available on steam under the name of Trackmania² Stadium at the price of 10 €.

Stadium mode
RPG mode

Key glossary

Moving forward
Brake / Reverse
Turn left
Turn right
Start again at the checkpointBackspace
Start over at the beginning (to be banned in RPG ^^)Supp
Show player names²
Show player carsO
Show scoresTabulation
Change cameras1 2 3 4

I still advise you to play the joystick the grip is more pleasant.

Trackmania Nation Forever

A similar and free game exists for players wishing to already try the gameplay (since it is exactly the same) even if it only has a single player mode and only allows you to play and test a few circuits which greatly limits the interest of the game. It is really advised to the players wanting to have a first opinion of playability of the game before passing on Trackmania² Stadium. The game is called "TM nations forever" and is downloadable.