Sydhe-2.5 ~ ARK Genesis

Hello all,

Starting the April 11, the server GENESIS will comply with the rules of our cluster :

  1. The transfer of characters, dinosaurs as well as the various objects (harvest or craft) will be authorized between all the servers of our cluster.Sydhe Arch ;
  2. the flight will be opened on Genesis ; it will bring to those who wish it an alternative to teleport ofH-LNA !
  3. The activation of the Tek armor abilities will be effective;
  4. Finally, an economic system promoting exchange and mutual assistance will be implemented across the entire cluster;
  5. An event "Architecture Competition" will soon begin and will end on April 10;
  6. Cluster events will take place every Friday evening from 9 p.m. This cycle will last until Sydhe season 3 (September 2020).

Genesis UP!

Here ! The opening of the long-awaited server The Ark of the Sydhe VII. Genesis is open ! You can now access this server by entering the server name in Steam: A new world, unique creatures, a mission system and a slew of adventures await you!

The Admin Ark team will do their best to ensure you the best gaming experience but the server and the extension are very new. It is possible that stability concerns will be felt in the coming days, and patches, as well as mod updates, are expected in the coming days / weeks.

With this in mind, certain mods have been temporarily deactivated and will be reinstated after the tests that we will do in the coming days to ensure their complete integration. The mods are CKF / Eco RP / Eco Garden / Jurassic ARK / Tribute & Elements Transfer.

Feel free to share your feelings about this extension in the comments and the Discord of the community! Good game everyone!

Crystal Isles server

I am pleased to announce that the new server


In a medieval fantasy style, this server does not include any engrams
"modern technology".
So no assault rifle, sniper, rockets or whatever, and of course
no TEK engrams.
However it benefits from certain mods that give you skills
It goes without saying that no transfer of character, dinos, structures
or equipment is not possible between Crystal Isles and other servers
of the cluster, you are therefore invited to create a new character exclusively for this server.

The designation RP (Role Play) does not mean that you will be victims of
multiple binding regulations or obligation to behave as
this is often the case on so-called role-playing servers.
So rest assured, everyone is free to play in their own way.
However the server settings, as well as the mods that compose it, will naturally lead you to play in a way that will look like Role Playing, without you even realizing it!
Of course any initiative on your part consisting in playing
the game of "RP" will be welcome 🙂

Several villages serving as a meeting point for all players are included
already on the server and public teleporters allow to go from one
village to another, this in order to encourage players to move
and meet.

Events will be organized as well as PR events which
will strengthen the identity of the server 🙂

I look forward to meeting you on this new server
and live epic adventures!

your dedicated Game Admin Crystal Isles: Groaahr

To connect to it, add to your servers Steam the address:


The sixth server, long planned for the future DLC "Genesis"(expected release January 2020), was launched in pre-release. The map used is Scorched earth, in order to allow you to make the content of the Genesis Season Pass with HLN-A (which takes you on The island and Scorched earth).

This server will be wipe at the exit of Genesis. Don't build huge bases on it!

Here is the direct access:

L'Arche du Sydhe 6/6 - PreGenesis


The last task to recover the old server is to recover our site has been finalized. However, it did not go as we hoped: the site lost feathers! Indeed, we were able to restore the site's database but only that of a month ago (September 7).
All articles, pages, support tickets, events, user accounts after September 7 were therefore permanently lost, despite all our efforts and the associated sleepless nights.
We, the admins, will now have to do important work in order to restore and update the information on the site.
Please report bugs related to the subject: it will be very useful!

All the other servers are fully operational, and we are in the process of correcting the last bugs related to the October 4 crash.

Only the private server WOW "Guardians of the Sydhe"was not restarted after its reinstallation. Our internal rule specifies that one of our games with 3 players or less had to be submitted for discussion in an admins meeting for suspension while waiting to find its players.

If the Heart of Azeroth tells you, go to the server page then contact the admins. As a reminder, this is a private server, reserved for members of the community, and no profit or profit of any kind is attributed to us by the management of this server. Access is completely free, and no mandatory subscription or monetized "cash shop" is in effect on our server.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding, I wish you a good visit on our site (wait maybe a day or two until the information is almost up to date in the pages!)


Season 2: WOW-Sydhe

You couldn't have missed it: this September 1 we are entering the new season of community activities. After a few setbacks, the server WOW Lich King has been completely rebuilt and thoroughly overhauled.

It is therefore with joy that I announce to you that WOW server will be part of Sydhe season 2 !

All accounts had to be reset, and a brand new server will be offered, including:

  • A new bot from Hôtel des Ventes, more precise and smarter
  • The system of Guild Houses ("phased" areas with interesting advantages for guilds)
  • A mechanism for loyalty rewards : the more a player is present on the server, the more he is rewarded!
  • The transmogrification come !

You can re-register on the site from September 1 in the evening!

For season 1 players
  • A special token named "DING 60"(allowing you to instantly mount one of your characters to level 60) you will be assigned if you had at least one level 30 character minimum, with a 500 '' starting kitty
  • An amount in PO will be granted to you on this model:
    • 10 inches per 10 levels for all characters on the old server

For the Horde!