Sydhe-2.5 ~ ARK Genesis

Hello all,

Starting the April 11, the server GENESIS will comply with the rules of our cluster :

  1. The transfer of characters, dinosaurs as well as the various objects (harvest or craft) will be authorized between all the servers of our cluster.Sydhe Arch ;
  2. the flight will be opened on Genesis ; it will bring to those who wish it an alternative to teleport ofH-LNA !
  3. The activation of the Tek armor abilities will be effective;
  4. Finally, an economic system promoting exchange and mutual assistance will be implemented across the entire cluster;
  5. An event "Architecture Competition" will soon begin and will end on April 10;
  6. Cluster events will take place every Friday evening from 9 p.m. This cycle will last until Sydhe season 3 (September 2020).

Event: "where is the chick?"

The Admin team invites you to the event:
"Where's the chick?"

Take part in a mysterious treasure hunt. Through the maps Ragnarok and Valguero are hidden dodos and 4 color chests, each containing a creature *.

Find the pullets, solve the puzzle, and win your treasure!

An article on the site will congratulate the winners of this treasure hunt. Will you be one of them?

Clue # 1:
In pairs, the clues are kept
By one, the treasure is hidden
By two, our colors are linked
By one, it will be unlocked.


* In order to preserve the scarcity of winnings, the dinos to win are sterilized. Please do not clone or trade them. Please notify the Admin team once you have opened a chest, so that they can remove the clues in play.

Architecture competition

We had a hard time deciding between the winners of this first architectural competition for theSydhe Arch, given the quality of the work accomplished by each of the participants.

Here is our selection of honor:


Gold medal

Combat Chick

Silver medal

Vannor - Bucknorris

Bronze medal

Thank you all for your participation ! Other architectural competitions will take place soon.

ARK: Boss Releases

Following the requests of the players, we decided to organize HL community events on the ARK cluster.

On November 2, the Tek Cave on The Island, with a difficulty adapted to participants! -> community event

A link to better prepare and get you in the mood:

Tek Cave

On November 9, on our Aberration server, Rockwell, more complex to understand. -> community event


In order to be ready, articles and videos are welcome!

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt will be organized this weekend from Saturday 9 p.m. and which will end on Sunday at 0 a.m., which will consist of finding "Notes of the unknown explorer" in a chest in a recognizable place (just search a little) , a first "INFORMATION" will be given to you to find the second, this will give you the information to find the next out of a total of 4, or on this last will be the treasure, these "NOTES will require you to travel within 4 worlds of The ark which will start with Valguero, extention, ragnarok, aberration and will end where it started, on Valguero. please find the first "NOTE" at Blue obelisk. there is no regulation, each one done as he wishes and the fastest will prevail. No refund whatsoever will be made, as well as an intervention by an admin. For losers a participation prize will be given. please present yourself to the contact details 58 / 33 before the event to get the Name s of participants in order to be able to give consolation prizes. Good luck to all.

Cluster events

The new ARK cluster event season begins this weekend!

It revolves around two types of events, alternating from one week to another:

  • the Events Cluster : community fun events (labyrinths, dino races, treasure hunts, arenas, etc.). Organized by ChukYoda and Coriandre.
  • the Events Lore : browse the caves, collect the artifacts and trophies necessary to access the bosses. Organized by Red and Selune.

Appointment this Saturday from 9 p.m. on your favorite server in the cluster and find the treasure hunt chests! As soon as you find a safe, take a screenshot and send it to the event organizer ChukYoda (harass him if necessary!)

As for the next Event lore, it will take place this Sunday from 9 p.m. on the server Scorched. Prepare to face the caves Scorched earth to access the bosses of this DLC!