Suggest a new game

There are two types of activities in our community:

  • the Game Servers (like the ARK cluster for example)
    • they are hosted on our linux machine rented from OVH
    • at least one Game Admin per game
  • the Community Games
    • cannot be hosted on our linux server, they depend on servers hosted by the game publishers themselves
    • a Game Lead per game

Game Servers

Any member of the community can propose a new game server if they respect these conditions:

  1. It must bring together at least 5 players who are not active on any of our games (except community or inactive members)
  2. He must designate a Game Admin for this server (it can designate itself). This player then joins the admins team as a specialized admin for this server, and receives help, advice and support from the whole team.
  3. Note that the admin role can only be assigned to members subscribers (except special derogation).

Community Games

Any member can propose a new Community Game if he respects these conditions:

  1. It must bring together at least 3 players (active in our community or not yet in our community)
  2. He must propose a Game Lead, who will take care of the communication between this new activity and the admins team

Note that these proposals are subject to validation by the admin team.