Removal of 4 mods

Following the votes expressed on our site, and after reflection, the ARK admins team decided to delete 4 mods, to know :

  • SDS,
  • The Real Phoenix,
  • DinoTracker,
  • Auction House

The latter will be replaced by Capitalism in parallel with the launch of Genesis !

The withdrawal will be announced and made before February 25.

Others mods will be likely to be added after the release of Genesis, which will be the subject of one of the points of the future general meeting in March 2020.

Sacrifice of mods

In order to be able to offer you two new mods for the arrival of Genesis, we must anticipate the withdrawal of two or three mods little used by players.

We offer you a survey with all our mods. It's up to you to designate three!

If you had to remove 3 mods on the ARK cluster, which would they be?
25 votes · 75 answers

King Titan Alpha

We invite you to a special King Titan Alpha evening. It will happen on Extinction this Saturday from 9 p.m.

Dinos requested: Mek, Titan, Gigano, Rex, Harfang, Velonasaur, Managarm

Please tell us the ingredients you plan to bring.



What is Trove? 

Trove is a cubic MMORPG. The game has everything an MMORPG needs; quests, fishing, dungeons, bosses,… 
Playing with others will allow you to discover the game from a different angle, each of the classes will then be able to play at its full potential. 
The game is available for download on Steam. 
How is the start of the game? 

  • To be able to play Trove, you must have a Glyph account. You will therefore need to create an account (link available at the bottom of the page). 
  • Once your account is created, you can launch the game. You will then have before you a choice of basic classes (the classes will be explained in another chapter). 
  • Then the tutorial will start. Follow the instructions and the yellow arrows to complete it. (I recognize that it can be a bit wobbly so if you need help don't hesitate to ask Azeraze for help. 
  • When the tutorial is finished, you will have access to the game.  

How to join Sydhe on Trove? 

As soon as your tutorial is finished, you will be teleported to a lobby. Contact Azeraze so he can send you an invitation to join the club. For the invitation to be sent, you and Azeraze must be connected to the game. Once the invitation is accepted, you will automatically be taken to the Sydhe club and by pressing the P key, you will be able to teleport to the club world . 

What are the objectives of the club? 

Fun, mutual aid, farm etc. The goal of the club is to introduce you to the game. 

How to help the club? 

As soon as sufficient facilities are placed, you can help the club by carrying out quests which will provide exp to unlock bonuses and give clubits to the club. It is an easily obtainable currency that allows the club to purchase and maintain facilities 
How do the classes work? 
At the start of the game you will have the choice between 5 classes. Here you will find a short explanation of the roles and abilities of each of the classes. 

  • The Glucobarbare is a tank whose skills allow you to boost yourself as well as your team-mates. 
  • The Knight is a tank whose skills are used by itself. (This is a character for the lonely). 
  • The Gunslinger is a remote dps that has no real use in a group but nothing prevents you from playing it. 
  • The shadow resurect is a tank / dps, you can play it as you prefer but it is harder to handle. She spawns skeletons that attack enemies for her while she heals them. 
  • Best for last, the boomranger is a versatile attacker. It is the only class that can handle 2 weapons. Indeed, you can test it at CaC and remotely. Which is perfect for beginners not yet knowing what they want to play. 

For any other question, do not hesitate to contact Azeraze on discord 


MMORPG = Massively multiplayer online game respecting a story as simple as it is. 
Tank = character responsible for attracting monsters while other players are inflicting damage. 

DPS = Damage per second, characters responsible for inflicting maximum damage. 

CaC = Melee 
farm = Harvest, mine etc ...

CR general meeting of January 25

Hello all,

First of all, thank you for your presence and your participation in the debate.

We proposed and read our charter, both in depth and revised, re-founding of our original project. We strongly insisted on the community aspect, our mutual aid and collective play imperatives which are the DNA of the Sydhe community.

We offer games hosted on our servers, like Ark, but also community games, WOW or Trove; from the day of our creation, we favored a community and multi - gaming approach.

It has never been envisaged to compel or compel anyone; when you join the community and validate its charter, you are in fact making a commitment. However, several of you have expressed reservations after reading the common charter.

In a word, worries and fears were expressed ... we reworked together passages that were not very legible or deemed restrictive, with the aim of explaining and reassuring!

We are aware that we will have to renew our explanations on a case-by-case basis, in a personalized way ... we are ready and also determined to bring our collective project to life.

The Sydhe community is based on fundamentals, set out in its charter: the pleasure of playing together, mutual aid and solidarity between members, in a respectful atmosphere ... it will be so if everyone invests in a community approach.

We then reviewed our means of communication, from our site to our discord, an essential tool to learn about the activity of the community, the events offered ... and then get to know and go to the others too!

Finally, we encourage you, with our support, to propose new projects to the community, games, streams, videos or other activities.

For the Admin team

Crystal Isles server

I am pleased to announce that the new server


In a medieval fantasy style, this server does not include any engrams
"modern technology".
So no assault rifle, sniper, rockets or whatever, and of course
no TEK engrams.
However it benefits from certain mods that give you skills
It goes without saying that no transfer of character, dinos, structures
or equipment is not possible between Crystal Isles and other servers
of the cluster, you are therefore invited to create a new character exclusively for this server.

The designation RP (Role Play) does not mean that you will be victims of
multiple binding regulations or obligation to behave as
this is often the case on so-called role-playing servers.
So rest assured, everyone is free to play in their own way.
However the server settings, as well as the mods that compose it, will naturally lead you to play in a way that will look like Role Playing, without you even realizing it!
Of course any initiative on your part consisting in playing
the game of "RP" will be welcome 🙂

Several villages serving as a meeting point for all players are included
already on the server and public teleporters allow to go from one
village to another, this in order to encourage players to move
and meet.

Events will be organized as well as PR events which
will strengthen the identity of the server 🙂

I look forward to meeting you on this new server
and live epic adventures!

your dedicated Game Admin Crystal Isles: Groaahr

To connect to it, add to your servers Steam the address:

General meeting

We will present you the latest news from the community, and in particular the changes to the charter, the arrival of Genesis for ARK, the new activities, a point of organization of the Discord, etc. This meeting is important and everyone's presence is required. Do not forget to contact me on Discord to warn in case of absence.


News from the Ark

Hello Sydhoux! Here is some news about the Ark cluster.

Modifications of the DinoStorage mod

We have applied a few modifications to the mod, notably on the SoulTerminal, in order to offer players some rather welcome features.
Here is the list:
- Generation of unfertilized eggs from dinos in SoulTrap in SoulTerminal.
- Generation of fertile excrement from dinos in SoulTrap in SoulTerminal.
- Generation of balls of Snowy Owls in SoulTrap in SoulTerminal.
- Transformation of fertile excrement into fertilizers (necessite des Dung Beetles in SoulTrap in the SoulTerminal)
- Distribution of fertilizers to crop squares (adjustable number in the terminal, range 30 foundations)
- Distribution of balls of Snowy Owls to Gachas. ((adjustable number in the terminal, range 30 foundations)

We have retained functionality BabyTrap, which allows baby type Dinos gestational to be automatically captured by the SoulTerminal within range, from birth (nneed for empty SoulTrap in SoulTerminal.)

All these features are intended to allow players to keep their production of eggs and excrement necessary for Kibbles and Fertilizers, as well as the production and distribution of Pelota Gachas, while keeping these dinos in SoulTerminal.
This will reduce the need to feed all of these limited-interest creatures.
From a technical point of view, it also makes it possible to reduce the load, in a very modest way, on the servers.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and look forward to your feedback!

The Volcano - Eternal Server is closed.

The map The Volcano with mod Eternal has had mixed success on its release. The enthusiasm of the players was brief, and its recent quasi-desertion led us to study its interest. As stipulated in our rules, all servers must have their Game-Admin partner, as well as a certain presence of players. No longer fulfilling these conditions, we have decided to shut down the server The Volcano - Eternal. This closure will take effect on January 18, 2020.

However, we do know that the map The Volcano is very popular with players in general. In addition to being rather aesthetically successful, it is large and very rich in diversity of biomes and fauna. So we decided to study its addition to the Sydhe's Ark, with the current mods present. We will keep you informed of this study.

Are you ready for Genesis?

That's it ! We are in the final stretch before the arrival of the ARK extension: Genesis. Regarding its settings, we think that the most important is the experience of the players by discovering a map and its functionalities.
So, we decided to apply the mechanics of the official servers. During its release, and for a minimum duration of 4 weeks, only characters will be allowed to transfer to, and from Genesis.
From a technical point of view, and for the sake of stability, only part of the mods will be activated. Indeed, we are dependent on the availability of the versions of the mods: not all will be adapted to the new DLC Genesis right out. We hope to be able to activate the most important mods when the extension is released. They will be reintegrated as they are updated and as they become stable.

RP server Crystal Isles

For a few weeks now, a server has been created. Many images have been displayed by his future Game-Admin : Groaahr, who has worked hard to provide a unique gaming experience for players.

CKF remastered, Immersive Taming, Capitalism, Fantasy Wardrop, are some of the mods present. Public places with the possibility of exchanges and meetings will help you to immerse yourself in the most intense PR.
His arrival is very soon. Are you looking forward to it?

So much for news fromSydhe Arch ! Do not hesitate to send us your opinions in comments.

A + Inot Gsoul !