Last oasis

Last Oasis is a MMO of survival, in sandbox grate, and PVP open. We are some of the community to test this game in early access together.

This game takes place a few centuries after our era, in a dry, desert Earth, with a humanity that has regressed to the point of becoming primates again (the "Rupus"), or with a technology less developed than our current one, but much better adapted to the situation: campfires for example are nothing else than steam tureens which make it possible to recover the humidity of cactus flesh or l 'Aloe will see, in order to condense it into potable liquid water.

Water is indeed the most important resource of the game, from the start of your adventure, and up to the very highest level.

Last oasis it's a journey: you are no longer just survivors. You are now Nomads. Everything pushes us to migrate from one oasis to another, in order to flee the sun which ignites everything at its zenith.

This game has a rust side to it PVP, the wipe regular servers, and the claim system.

But this game works similar to EVE Online for the progressive aspect of PVE and PVP : you will start your adventure in full PVE, then as you progress you will face other players more and more often, and the PVE will be less present.

Other clans are often aggressive, if they are not dishonest. The system of claim of Oasis is similar to that of Fortresses in EVE Online : a claim 24h, with an hour of vulnerability where other clans can attack the Conquest Walker for claim the area on their behalf.

It is a game with very diverse and innovative mechanics: the combat system for example is amazing: Left click to attack, right click to parry. But dragging his mouse to the right while clicking right for example, will make you ready for an attack from the right. You can similarly parry left or up. Your attacks can be directed in the same way.

This game is in early access according to Steam, but it is in "PRE-ALPHA"according to the developers. It is already playable and we can have fun on it, but it is still sometimes unstable (especially the servers), not to mention lags or some rollbacks at the worst time ...

We may be considering offering this game as "Community game"or even open a dedicated Sydhe server. We can talk about it at the next general meeting.

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