Sydhe: Season 3

The Sydhe season 3 begins this Saturday, September 12 at 9 p.m.

There are many new features and I suggest you take a little tour:


  • Shutdown of The Island and Valguero servers,
  • Aberration will only be available periodically at player request
  • Launch of two new servers: Olympus and ARKevents (dedicated to the events of season 3)

For the wipe, take refuge on one of the two "arches": Genesis or Crystal isles


  • A new server plugin has been installed: Space. Now you can build a spaceship, suit and fly into orbit, buy your own space station and even walk on the moon!
  • The economic system is developing! You can now buy and sell resources for $, spend them on your guild, sell items from your inventory, and buy packs from theAgartha
  • A system ofemotes has been installed. You can even create your own emotes! To find out more, type / emote

World of warcraft

  • The WOW private server has been deactivated due to lack of players. We will relaunch it on request from you.
  • The Sydhe guild on the Hyjal server (Horde faction) is actively growing and preparing for the imminent release of the new Shadowlands expansion (10/27/20). Join us now to discover the new content of this legendary game together!


The server was suspended for lack of players. We will reactivate it on request.

A word from the admins team

The Sydhe season 3 therefore starts tomorrow. In order to start this new stage in the life of our community, we need to strengthen the games admin teams. In particular for ARK and Minecraft: an assist-admin for each of these games seems essential to us.
Technical knowledge is not the most important, although basic knowledge of ARK server setup would be a plus.
We are not asking for extravagant availability: it will depend on the tasks agreed together. In addition, our "Prio IRL" principle also applies to admins!
Contact us if you have any questions about this!

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