Sacrifice of mods

In order to be able to offer you two new mods for the arrival of Genesis, we must anticipate the withdrawal of two or three mods little used by players.

We offer you a survey with all our mods. It's up to you to designate three!

If you had to remove 3 mods on the ARK cluster, which would they be?
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6 Replies to “Sacrifice de mods”

    1. I imagine that you know better the mods of the Crystal server, indeed 😉 but know that we plan to replace the cluster HV by the same economic mods as Crystal, and that it could change by the arrival of Genesis. However, no decision has yet been made. It is only a survey after all!

    1. We can't predict it, given that the world of mods will be turned upside down after the actual release of Genesis. As said in the article, it is simply a question of predicting the arrival of mods, and at the same time slightly reducing the number of mods on the cluster.
      The new mods will be communicated to all ARK players on our Discord before their effective installation, and the ARK admin team will take into account possible proposals from members of the community. If you or others already have ideas, don't hesitate!

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