Event: "where is the chick?"

The Admin team invites you to the event:
"Where's the chick?"

Take part in a mysterious treasure hunt. Through the maps Ragnarok and Valguero are hidden dodos and 4 color chests, each containing a creature *.

Find the pullets, solve the puzzle, and win your treasure!

An article on the site will congratulate the winners of this treasure hunt. Will you be one of them?

Clue # 1:
In pairs, the clues are kept
By one, the treasure is hidden
By two, our colors are linked
By one, it will be unlocked.


* In order to preserve the scarcity of winnings, the dinos to win are sterilized. Please do not clone or trade them. Please notify the Admin team once you have opened a chest, so that they can remove the clues in play.

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