To read before the Meeting

In anticipation of the arrival of the new ARK lore season named "Genesis", we must anticipate the opening of two servers Genesis by the end of 2019.

This is why we are going to reorganize the ARK servers currently open.

We are also testing two new servers:

  • Life is Feudal - Les Terres du Sydhe [PVP-RP],
  • Conan Exiles - The Sydhe Revolt [PVP]

The server LiF will be launched on August 30, and the Conan PVP server will be launched at the end of September.

Regarding September 1, please note that the list of game servers will be as follows:

Game Map Fashion Multip. Admin
ARK RagnarokPVPx7K4geNoKami
Conan Exiles PVEx5Snack
Conan Exiles PVPA / DCruel daddy
WOW RP-PVP x1Selune
Minecraft PVP / Survival x1Red
Life is Feudal RP-PVPN / ASaunier

For ARK players

As a reminder, the ARK cluster will be wipe this September 1st. All players on current servers: Ragnarok, The Island, Scorched, Aberration, and Extinction must transfer what they want to keep for the season starting on this date, to the Valguero server.

Once the storm has passed and season 2 has started, you can transfer back to the server of your choice!

The Admins Team is ready to help you in case of concerns related to your moves (Discord or support tickets)

The Admins will be present at the General Meeting on Saturday 17/08 and will present all the news planned for the start of the school year.

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