L'Arche markets

A Ark market is present on each server of the cluster!

Tables allow you to sell and buy different resources (unfertilized eggs, vegetables, meats, consumables, and others ...). In addition, 3 Inter-server sales hotels allow you to buy and sell to other dinosaurs, fertilized eggs, Diagrams, weapons, armor etc ...

You can sell resources to get gold coins, the currency used, to trade in the market! Make the cluster economy work! Here are the positions of the market places across the different maps:

Valguero 44.6 / 48

Ragnarok 35.6 / 44.2

The Volcano 62 / 36.15

Genesis 23.25 / 45.5

Extinction 49 / 48.7

The Island 45.8 / 58.7

Aberration 20.3 / 46.4

Crystal 48.19 / 49.85

The mailbox are available on market places, and also in your engrams. A tutorial allows you to learn about the functions of the Hôtel des Ventes.