For the Sydhe!

As you know, our charter has been modified to clarify our conception of a multi-game community: a group of players for whom cohesion and mutual aid have a central place.

To this end, we are strengthening various aspects of community life:

  • A preliminary interview will be organized on Discord for all new arrivals;
  • We will ask you to join our Steam group if you plan to play with us on one of our dedicated servers;
  • If you are not yet connected to our Discord server, we will ask you to do it ;
  • The passage of Novice at Member will now be preceded by an interview (in voice or in writing);

Note : our dedicated servers will now reserved for community members. It will therefore be essential to join our group Steam and our server Discord to get there. For our Community Games, join our group Steam will of course remain optional.

These new features will be applied from April 11 !

For the Sydhe!

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