Start of the Architecture Competition

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14/03/2020 All day

Start of the Architecture Competition

Building friends, show us your imagination and your talent! Build your base on Genesis, take 3 to 4 screenshots and send them to Capt'Nelo before the deliberation date (05/04/20).

Everyone is invited to participate (even the admin team can participate). We will proceed to a collective vote, a temporary channel will be created for the event. You will be able to vote for your 3 favorite bases, the 3 who will have the most votes will be the finalists.

We will also put the screenshots of the most beautiful bases of the three finalists in "a" from the community site news journal for two weeks and they will be featured on Discord.

The three finalists will also receive dinos and mythical quality items !

  • Medalgold : 3 Dinos + 1 complete set of equipment (legendary quality)
  • Medalmoney : 2 Dinos + 1 mythical shotgun
  • Medal bronze : 1 Dino + 1 mythical long barrel rifle

All participants will also receive 1 Dino.


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