Admin team

The Admin Team is the administrative team of the Community.

The Games admins (Game Admins) have a technical and social role. They have control over the servers, and are responsible for one or more servers that the community offers.

The Admin Team operates in a collegial manner: it can use internal voting in order to establish a roadmap, but it promotes consensus.


SeluneGame AdminWOW, CSGO
CorianderGame AdminARK
SnackGame AdminConan Exiles
RedGame AdminMinecraft

Contact by e-mail

General Meetings

The General Meetings are there to discuss important decisions concerning our fun activities. These Meetings suggest possible improvements and organize the life of the community; the Admins Team organizes itself according to these meetings while communicating the progress of the various projects.

The decisions are made by the admins in charge of the games, with the support of the entire Admin Team. However, the Founders reserve a power of veto if any of these decisions went against the fundamental integrity or philosophy of the Community. A possible modification of the charter of the community must imperatively be validated by Founders.

What we do

The admins team takes care of the balance of the game servers, the respect of the charter and the rules of the games, to compensate the players in case of bugs, to welcome and advise the new players, to manage the possible Starter Packs, to promote and support the server for which they are responsible, to test mods, develop scripts, packs, sites, or programs for the community, or even optimize server parameters.

What we don't do

The members of the Equipe Admin never use admin commands to favor a game character. Since admins and moderators are also players, these roles are absolutely distinct at stake : either they are in "admin mode" or they are in "player mode" - never both simultaneously.


The Community was founded by a group of friends in December 2015. They are often recognizable by their dark eyes and the cup of coffee placed next to their keyboard. To quote no one, it is: @Coriander, @ Snack @Red and @Sunune