The Doors of Sydhe

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We suggest you play in community on our server Conan Exiles named "The Doors of Sydhe"in PvE-C mode.

You can connect to it directly by direct Steam access, or by searching for the server in the game interface.

Direct server address:

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Server settings

Combat modePvE-C
Allied firex0.2
Craft timex0.85
Burn timex1
NPC conversion timex0.85
Level of Purges6
Time catching up10:00 am
Daily cycle speedx0.5

Our Mods

The server "The Doors of Sydhe"includes several mods that allow the admin team to add content and players to develop parallel skills.

Improved quality of Life bring a mini map as well as a reworked player interface offering better readability.

Emberlight will give you the opportunity to become a farmer and thus earn money by selling your products thanks to the economy developed in play with Pippi. The latter greatly expands the appearance and functionality of chat windows and server management in general.

Pickup + provides additional comfort by offering the choice of resume structures already laid, from the wall to the foundation, andincrease the speed of freight elevators

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