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As the community has financial concerns, we came to you hoping to resolve them together. We need new subscribers in order to continue season 3 of Sydhe: it's everyone's business.

Rather than relying on others, get more involved through your active contribution, invest yourself in the life of the community beyond your subscriptions.

We recently set up an association law 1901, with a monthly contribution (5 €). This allows us to have our own cash flow, but also to reduce our Paypal transaction fees and the cost of our subscription to OVH, our host.

Finally, I drew your attention to Discord which is, in addition to the site, a showcase for the community: it is important to have a minimum number of boosts in order to have access to essential features.

World of warcraft

The Sydhe guild was reactivated on the Hyjal server on the horde side last July in order to prepare for the release of Shadowlands. The postponement of the expansion threw a chill, but the arrival of the pre-patch has revived motivation.

You are welcome if you wish to join the guild, or at least the community; our DNA is the pleasure of playing and progressing together in the various aspects of the game.


The economic system is operational, our currency is the dollar.

A central world, Agartha, offers portals to the various worlds, as well as a trading room.

A space mod was activated recently. It allows you to craft the appropriate outfits, means of transport and to settle on other planets.


What emerged from our discussion was the desire for a more authentic and survival oriented game.

However, it would not be respectful towards the players to completely disrupt the way the cluster works, due to seasonality.

The complete overhaul of the cluster is scheduled for Season 4 (September 2021).

In the meantime, however, we are proposing substantial changes to you today.

The current cluster is modified as follows:

  • The structure limit is now 10,000.
  • The dinos per tribe limit has been reduced to 250.
  • The instant taming potion from the CLLP table has been removed.
  • All the drills of the steampunk mod are removed.
  • It is no longer possible to corrupt dinos in the Mutator
  • The number of engram points is 9325 instead of 13,580.
  • The multipliers change to XP x4, Harvest x4, Breeding and Taming x5

2 Two new servers will be created, depending on the responses to the survey.

A list of 6 or 7 mods to define is being evaluated on the test servers ... you will be informed in the coming days.

These servers will provide a more demanding gaming experience and promote cooperation between players and tribes.

Admins team

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