Minutes of the General Meeting 07/25/2020

On Saturday July 25 at 9 p.m., we held a General meeting on the voice of Discord to prepare for the start of the Sydhe. About twenty members of the community participated in the discussions. Casse-Croute was the session secretary, and Selune conducted the discussions on the basis of our agenda.


We start our review with ARK. In preamble, Selune announces the addition of two new maps: Olympus and a card dedicated to events. Server resources Linux OVH being limited, we have jointly decided to withdraw The island and Valguero of the cluster from next September.

Aberration will be a special case, accessible periodically and at the request of the players.

The wipe of the start of the school year will be conducted in the usual way: Crystal isles and Genesis will be our "arches" in order to secure our structures and our precious dinosaurs!

We then discussed the creation of a channel "Boss" on the Discord, the purpose of which will be to bring together the players concerned by a event in common.

Océane and several players have pointed out to us that the night on Crystal island seems particularly long, yet the length of the day is homogeneous on our cluster. We deduced that this parameter must have been hard-written by the developer of the map.

A mod decoration: "Eco Trees"is added after validation; everyone is fully aware that new additions would lead to the abandonment of mods currently in use.

Jo detailed the 15 events different he intends to put in place, at the rate of one or two per month. An "event map" will possibly be added for this purpose; however, the other cards in the cluster will also be used. The most successful project so far is a treasure hunt. Also coming up are the "Arc Olympics": several competitions of the dinosaur race type. Others events will include drops purple on Extinction, the capture of a castle whose guardians will be Alpha, events Boss, a maze of traps, a Love Event (centered around the mutator and breeding), but also a giant paintball (in PvP) and a manhunt is also planned.

Selune recalled that Sylvanas, known character from the lore of Warcraft, was chosen as the emblem of the community.

World of warcraft

About the WOW private server "Guardians of the Sydhe", Coriandre suggested that we still have to give it a chance until mid-September. Several players during the meeting expressed their desire to join us on this server.

The guild Sydhe sure WOW retail (kingdom Hyjalfaction Horde) has been recently reactivated, and we invite all interested players to join us in order to better prepare together for the upcoming expansion: Shadowlands.


As a result of the new 1.16 update, the main world has been refreshed.

Admins Selune and Red worked to resolve bugs related to loss of inventory and experience. The question of setting up an economy for the server "Les Emeraudes du Sydhe"is still in progress. The" Moon "project is currently on hold.


Discovery evenings are currently under study.

Conan Exiles

We discussed the mod "Vallenheim"which will eventually be deployed on the server.

The session ends with a call for subscriptions, the only way to ensure our financial autonomy and visibility in the long term.

The meeting rose at 11.10 p.m.

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