Minutes of the meeting of May 16, 2020

a) Situation of the community :

While ARK server traffic was down, the fact that new players joined our community following the closure of the server on which it was playing brought a revival of SYDHE server traffic. The health crisis does not seem to have had a significant effect on attendance. A financial point was made where it was explained that if it is not compulsory to pay to benefit from the services of the community we encourage those who are willing to make a one-time donation or even take out a subscription to help us finance our server which comes back to us at around 150 euros. As of May 16, there were still around fifty euros missing to complete the budget for the following month.

b) Communication tools.

Regarding the communication tools of the community is mainly the discord server we obviously encourage our members to use it to the maximum and in particular since we allow the creation of Private chan for the purpose of opening it to the maximum. Indeed it remains our essential communication tool to keep abreast of the latest developments and community projects that are often mentioned on the discord before it is even the subject of an article on the site.


As for Ark, at the request of some members of the community who wanted to continue the history of Lore we have temporarily reopened Scorched earth which from June 6 will be replaced by another card, a priori Crystal Island. During the discussion it was proposed to install the extinction core mod on the Center. It would be outside the cluster with the possibility of transferring characters (the dinosaurs of the mod (which in any case requires the Mod) are too powerful for other servers and would unbalance the game). However the developer of extinction Core for personal problems no longer ensures neither the development nor the follow-up it was suggested to see if there would not be an alternative to this mod. However if there is no extinction core will be set up on this card. It was also proposed at the suggestion of Xenid and accepted a modification of the parameters of the soul terminal for the management of dino eggs.

Still with regard to ARK it was reminded that it was very important not to forget to vote for our server which is the only way to give them more visibility and to make us known to new players.

Finally, since the extinction core mod was no longer supported, it was decided at a meeting and after consultation to test a server based on the center and Final Fear. Ability to tame alpha numerous extensions for dinos are available which can also be an alternative to extinction Core.


Regarding WOW-SYDHE: Phoenixia who joined the community presented his project for a second private server which he specially configured. He designed to allow the day to be able to solo some dungeons - but not all, each mob killed brings back a piece of agent. The Eluna sciping tool as well as Solocraft are also included on the new server.


Su Trove: Azerae made a point on Trove, a new Mod was added DELVE, an evolutionary dungeon system with increased difficulty.


Regarding Minecraft, a Lunar biome has been opened but the moment of the space suit - which requires a small investment to be studied (to be verified). A better establishment of an economy is still in the pipeline.

Other ongoing projects

The project on Counter Strike is not yet finalized, the project is temporarily paused.

The Last Oasis game was mentioned since it was tested in community. The concern is that we don't have a dedicated server, the publisher seems to have signed an exclusivity contract with Nitrado.

Our members are obviously encouraged to offer us the games they want or that they find most interesting.

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