SYDHE is above all a community of players united around a common passion: video games. Our goal is to provide the best possible gaming experience in a pleasant atmosphere where mutual support between players is our cornerstone, the foundation of the community.

We are one of the rare communities which accepts to examine projects of opening of server by its players and we give as much freedom as possible in the development of these projects. Therefore, it is essential that each of you invest, with regard to your availability and your knowledge, in the service of the community. It is the basis of a community project.

Any player joining us on one of our game servers also effectively joins our community, and must therefore respect this Charter.

We encourage you to join our main Discord communication tool: useful information and announcements are regularly posted.

Common rules

First articleAll our players are equal in rights on our servers, endowed with reason and conscience; they act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Deciding to join SYDHE means making a commitment to participate in the life of the community. Participating in the life of the community is not just about playing time!

2.SYDHE is a community multi-gaming and expects from its members a spirit of community:

  1. Go to others, invite them to your outings, broaden your playful horizons and your relationships, have fun! 
  2. We regularly organize events where everyone is invited, and we encourage you to offer them yourself, a calendar is available on the site.
  3. We encourage mutual aid: it is a question of receiving help, or of sharing a collective game, but also of bringing your support and making the members of the community benefit from your presence. Privilege collective spirit is a requirement. 
  4. Nothing prevents you from playing one of our games outside the community, but we ask you to play a minimum with the other members of the community.
  5. If you want to play a game that we do not officially offer yet, it is useful to talk about it with the other members: you can propose the opening of a server or create a guild, a clan or a tribe on behalf of the community. In this case, contact the admins team.

3.Any discriminatory speech or behavior of a racist, sexist, homophobic or anti-Semitic nature is prohibited and punished. Mutual respect is the foundation of our community: no insults, harassment, provocation or outrageous language. Likewise, communication tools are not outlets and community members are not rags. A temperate and measured attitude is required.

4. In the event of a dispute between community members, be sure to resolve the matter privately. If no compromise seems possible, ask for arbitration from an Admin. The Admins Team ensures compliance with the charter and as such, it has the rights to intervene on the communication tools (mute, temporary or permanent exclusion).

5.Exploitation of bugs in games is prohibited, even if they are to your advantage. They must be reported to admins.

6.Everyone must respect the organization of the community and the different structures that make it up. Members are consulted for decisions related to the games. Once validated, these decisions must be applied by all. The Founders reserve the right of veto if a decision or functioning compromises the integrity of the community or questions its fundamental principles.

7.In their relations with admins, players must take care not to excessively multiply requests for interventions without real purpose. Such behavior is a form of harassment. If an intervention proves necessary, the player concerned must take care to respect the time slot proposed or agreed with the admin concerned. Administrators must be respected in the same way as any member of the community. Any serious breach of these principles or any form of repeated denigration of an admin is prohibited.

8.No promotion for another community is tolerated, publicly or privately.


Any breach of this charter will be subject to a warning. If you persist, an exclusion from the community will be pronounced.

If you think there is an error or misunderstanding following such a decision, you can send a complaint on the contact page. A voice interview will then be organized with at least two administrators from the community. You will be heard and the situation will then be reassessed.

Note: Do not write publicly on Discord to complain about such a warning: you risk being excluded from it.

The founders :
Red, Selune, Coriander, Snack

Sydhe Community
Created on 30/12/2017

Last modified 06/25/2020

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