For the Sydhe!

As you know, our charter has been modified to clarify our conception of a multi-game community: a group of players for whom cohesion and mutual aid have a central place.

To this end, we are strengthening various aspects of community life:

  • A preliminary interview will be organized on Discord for all new arrivals;
  • We will ask you to join our Steam group if you plan to play with us on one of our dedicated servers;
  • If you are not yet connected to our Discord server, we will ask you to do it ;
  • The passage of Novice at Member will now be preceded by an interview (in voice or in writing);

Note : our dedicated servers will now reserved for community members. It will therefore be essential to join our group Steam and our server Discord to get there. For our Community Games, join our group Steam will of course remain optional.

These new features will be applied from April 11 !

For the Sydhe!

Sacrifice of mods

In order to be able to offer you two new mods for the arrival of Genesis, we must anticipate the withdrawal of two or three mods little used by players.

We offer you a survey with all our mods. It's up to you to designate three!

If you had to remove 3 mods on the ARK cluster, which would they be?
25 votes · 75 answers

New in the team!

Three new members have just joined the Sydhe team: Azeraze and Vannor for the Moderation of communication tools, and Gyrox for the ARK administration.

We want the exchanges, especially on our Discord, to be responsible, respectful and cooperative. Given the rapid development of our community, we must guarantee a certain tranquility to all. This Moderation is not there to limit or sanction: it is organized in order to offer mediation in the event of a dispute or to help clear up any misunderstandings, between Members, including the admins team. Prevention is better than cure !

The Moderators have every legitimacy to enforce the charter and to sanction (through temporary mutes for example) on our communication tools.

If you want to know more, I highly recommend reading the explanatory page of Moderation Sydhe.

Community games

Our community has so far always put forward games with dedicated servers installed on its machine rented from OVH.

We suggest that you broaden our horizons with games for which we do not offer dedicated servers. Indeed, most members of the community would like to share moments of play with other players in the community. Meet punctually or even regularly on League of Legends, sure Overwatch or Archeage for example, could be very nice.

Each member of the community can propose a new "community game" to the admins. If it is validated by the team, one of the members is appointed Game Lead, in order to have the tools necessary for the organization of this activity. The Game Lead is a point of contact, a referent, a facilitator. He is responsible for this activity and must therefore regularly inform admins and members of the evolution of the group of players. He is however not an admin, and is not required to participate in admins meetings, as he does not have to manage the sometimes restrictive aspects of a dedicated server.

The tools provided for community games are the same as for our games with dedicated servers: channels on Discord and TS, sections on the site, possibly a public email address, categories on Youtube, a privileged space on the page and the group Facebook, etc.

Talk about it around you! There are certainly other players playing the same games as you!

Do not stay alone: the spirit of our community is to encourage collective play, so we must take advantage of it 🙂

It is in this spirit that we offer you a first Community game: Final Fantasy XIV, with like Game Lead : Miyou, which will publish an article on the site very soon in order to present the game to us.