Withdrawal of CKF mod

We have decided to withdraw the mod CKF of the entire cluster as of April 11.

1 ° the CKF mod has not been updated by its designer for a long time already, and will no longer be

2 ° This mod frequently leads to connection losses during transfers between servers ... overflow phenomenon, data overload.

3 ° This mod was installed on the test server with Genesis and the results are potentially disastrous.

Finally, a coherent cluster supposes identical multipliers, but also and above all identical mods.

On April 11, Genesis will be fully integrated into the cluster, and the CKF mod will therefore be removed from the entire ARK cluster on this occasion.

Sydhe-2.5 ~ ARK Genesis

Hello all,

Starting the April 11, the server GENESIS will comply with the rules of our cluster :

  1. The transfer of characters, dinosaurs as well as the various objects (harvest or craft) will be authorized between all the servers of our cluster.Sydhe Arch ;
  2. the flight will be opened on Genesis ; it will bring to those who wish it an alternative to teleport ofH-LNA !
  3. The activation of the Tek armor abilities will be effective;
  4. Finally, an economic system promoting exchange and mutual assistance will be implemented across the entire cluster;
  5. An event "Architecture Competition" will soon begin and will end on April 10;
  6. Cluster events will take place every Friday evening from 9 p.m. This cycle will last until Sydhe season 3 (September 2020).

Removal of 4 mods

Following the votes expressed on our site, and after reflection, the ARK admins team decided to delete 4 mods, to know :

  • SDS,
  • The Real Phoenix,
  • DinoTracker,
  • Auction House

The latter will be replaced by Capitalism in parallel with the launch of Genesis !

The withdrawal will be announced and made before February 25.

Others mods will be likely to be added after the release of Genesis, which will be the subject of one of the points of the future general meeting in March 2020.

CR general meeting of January 25

Hello all,

First of all, thank you for your presence and your participation in the debate.

We proposed and read our charter, both in depth and revised, re-founding of our original project. We strongly insisted on the community aspect, our mutual aid and collective play imperatives which are the DNA of the Sydhe community.

We offer games hosted on our servers, like Ark, but also community games, WOW or Trove; from the day of our creation, we favored a community and multi - gaming approach.

It has never been envisaged to compel or compel anyone; when you join the community and validate its charter, you are in fact making a commitment. However, several of you have expressed reservations after reading the common charter.

In a word, worries and fears were expressed ... we reworked together passages that were not very legible or deemed restrictive, with the aim of explaining and reassuring!

We are aware that we will have to renew our explanations on a case-by-case basis, in a personalized way ... we are ready and also determined to bring our collective project to life.

The Sydhe community is based on fundamentals, set out in its charter: the pleasure of playing together, mutual aid and solidarity between members, in a respectful atmosphere ... it will be so if everyone invests in a community approach.

We then reviewed our means of communication, from our site sydhe.fr to our discord, an essential tool to learn about the activity of the community, the events offered ... and then get to know and go to the others too!

Finally, we encourage you, with our support, to propose new projects to the community, games, streams, videos or other activities.

For the Admin team

General Meeting: 11/23

Vous êtes conviés à notre réunion générale ce samedi 23 Novembre à 21 heures ; au programme :

La modération sur nos outils de communication, avec présentation par les modérateurs des spécificités liées à notre usage communautaire.

L'actualité du serveur Minecraft, et les évolutions futures.

La présentation finale du nouveau serveur Ark, sur la carte Volcano, Eternal Sydhe , mais aussi le retrait éventuel de mods, sans oublier l'amélioration des loots !

Les jeux en communauté, état des lieux et projets nouveaux, eu égard à nos intérêts ludiques partagés.

ARK: Boss Releases

Following the requests of the players, we decided to organize HL community events on the ARK cluster.

On November 2, the Tek Cave on The Island, with a difficulty adapted to participants! -> community event

A link to better prepare and get you in the mood:


Tek Cave

On November 9, on our Aberration server, Rockwell, more complex to understand. -> community event



In order to be ready, articles and videos are welcome!

SYDHE: Season 2

Hello all,

It is with joy and determination that we present to you the imminent arrival of the Sydhe Season 2, for our dedicated game servers ARK, Conan Exiles, WOW and Minecraft.

Without further ado, the program for the coming days and weeks:

  • 08/24 - Addition of 4 new mods for ARK: Steampunk, Jurassik Ark, Dinostorage v2 and Server Donation System. In order to keep a reasonable number of mods as well as the fluidity of the servers, we have removed mods that are essentially cosmetic or integrated into newcomers.
  • 01/09 - Wipe from the ARK cluster, with the exception of Valguero! Pending Genesis, the Sydhe's Ark has 4 servers: Valguero, Aberration, Extinction and Ragnarok in PvE mode. Parameters and multipliers are harmonized as much as possible (in x7 for the most part)
  • 01/09 - a second Conan Exiles server in PvE-Conflict and semi-RP mode opens its doors, in addition to the existing one.

The program is ambitious and plentiful. Sydhe remains faithful to its philosophy and its emblematic games, but also opens up to the outside world with the welcoming of newcomers to the community. Finally, we anticipate now ARK Genesis.

Here is a list of our game servers as they are intended for the Season 2 :

The Ark of the Sydhe 1/4 (ARK PVE Valguero)

The Ark of the Sydhe 2/4 (ARK PVE Aberration)

The Ark of the Sydhe 3/4 (ARK PVE Extinction)

The Ark of the Sydhe 4/4 (ARK PVE Ragnarok)

The Doors of Sydhe (Conan PVE)

The Sydhe Revolt (Conan PVE-C)

Guardians of the Sydhe (WOW LK)

The Emeralds of the Sydhe (Minecraft)

I wish us a Season 2 playful and exciting. To all of us responsible for the future of Sydhe, it is up to us to give the best of ourselves!

The Admins of Sydhe

The ticket system

As of this Monday, August 5, we are implementing a ticket system; this one is accessible on our site.

It concerns our different games and will allow us to be informed more quickly of your concerns and other bugs.

You will be able to follow the evolution of your request, from its handling to its resolution.

For urgent requests, questions or advice, you can always use the channel #support of our Discord.

July News

Hello all,

Steampunk is undergoing extensive testing on a clone of Ragnarok in order to be optimized. The mod is carefully calibrated to make it accessible at a high level, and so as to encourage collective play. To date, a number of engrams have been removed due to their impact on the game: Tesla turrets, EMP bomb, Steam pot and Power recycle. In addition, for reasons of balance, the mode Steampunk will not be available on Extinction.

DinoStorage v2 is being evaluated, there is no lack of obvious strengths or weaknesses that explain our reservations ... in a word, to be discussed again!

The PvP server The center, with Natsuny as an administrator, opened its doors and welcomes you to a competitive environment.

Finally, the map Crystal isles emerged from our survey ... it will be the subject of future discussions!

A dedicated server Rust is operational and brings a new survival challenge PvP. Gimli provides server administration.

Minecraft, a game that mixes survival, exploration and construction is also active. Red is in charge!

Finally, I remind you that the procedure for introducing a mod is as follows: a player approaches an administrator and explains his request. This is then discussed within theSidh team. Finally, the team gives its opinion before theGeneral assembly, who decides whether or not to install the mod by means of a vote.

Good game everyone !


for'Sidh team