Starter Pack

A starter pack is offered to you as soon as you arrive on our servers. Just show up and an admin will send you:

  • a full armor in chitin or camouflage of your choice (random quality, from green to purple)
  • a basic tool set (pickaxe and metal ax, water jar, spotting scope, distress pistol)
  • 1 creature basic level 120 choice: Ptera, Trike, Ankylo, or Doedi
    • creature provided with its saddle in random quality (green, rare or purple) and a Soul Trap (cryoball)
    • the colors of your creature are customizable on request
  • 10 GP (parts usable in the Markets)

To obtain your "starter pack", please request it on our Discord or directly in game! An admin will be happy to welcome you with dignity!

Note : The Starter Packs are provided only once per member for the entire cluster.

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