ARK Rules

  1. We ask you to join or create a tribe, to enter information in the Tribe Discord channel in order to facilitate the work of Admins
  2. You remain free to build your base or annexes at your convenience, as long as this does not compromise the stability of the server and the playing experience of other players; in case of abuse, the admin team may ask you to review your construction.
  3. In case of moving, it is imperative to notify the admin team so that it is taken into account. You will have a reasonable time to complete it
  4. Please notify on our Discord if you leave a dino in walk / aggressive mode or a structure (such as a trap or a tame cage) when you disconnect
  5. Land and navigable passages must remain free of access and circulation (obelisks and main accesses to certain biomes for example)
  6. Prohibited from building on rare resources, spawn points (including HLNA teleportation arrivals), caves, and supply crates.
  7. Admins may ask you to change your base if it affects server performance or prevents other players from playing in good conditions.
  8. We expect you to play fair, respectful of people and the quality of the collective game: act with discernment!
  9. Written exchanges between the members of a tribe must be done in the tribal channel.
  10. In order to maintain a community census, and to facilitate the work of the admins team, we kindly ask you to give us the names of the servers and the coordinates of the places where you are installed. You can send us this information either on our Discord in the #tribus channel or by e-mail at: - Warning : any base or dino belonging to a tribe not listed for more than a week may be destroyed. Thank you for your responsible attitude.

If a violation of the rules is found by a player, an admin warns him before any other form of sanction.

Last updated: 01/02/20

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