ARK: Survival Evolved

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The Sydhe Community warmly invites you to its two ARK clusters. For mid-season, we have redesigned the cluster "The Ark of the Sydhe"to 4 maps (Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, The Volcano, and Olympus) with fine and well-adapted parameters.

The new cluster "Sydhe the Otherworld", with the 5 official maps, offers a gameplay more authentic. It is ideal for veterans who would like to relive the lore ARK, without special facilities but with made-to-measure playing comfort.

Steam Collection of our Mods:

pour les joueurs débutants ou occasionnels

  • C1-1: Ragnarok

Direct connection:

  • C1-2: Crystal

Direct connection:

  • C1-3: The Volcano

Direct connection:

  • C1-4: Olympus

Direct connection:

for more seasoned players looking for the challenge

  • C2-1: The island

Direct connection:

  • C2-2: Scorched

Direct connection:

  • C2-3: Aberration

Direct connection:

  • C2-4: Extinction

Direct connection:

  • C2-5: Genesis

Direct connection:

For a quick and peaceful connection, we recommend that after installing the DLC and mods appropriate, ofuse the Steam server window.

Basic settings

Tame x5x5
Maturing babiesx5x5
Egg incubation x7x7
Limit of dinos per tribe 250250
Duration of a game day1h IRL1h IRL
Duration of the day40mn IRL40mn IRL
Night duration20mn IRL20mn IRL
Self-destruct abandoned dinos 16 days16 days
Self-destruction Abandoned structures x2x2
- branches - 8 days
- Greenhouse - 10 days
- Wood - 16 days
- Stone - 24 days
- Metal / GlassMetal - 32 days
- Tek - 40 days
Loot quality (combs and fishing)x5x3

Automatic maintenance

The clusters restart automatically every day respectively at 5:30 a.m. for Cluster 1 and 6:00 a.m. for Cluster 2.

Players are warned in game 10 minutes before restarting.

This restart ensures better functioning of the cluster: memory optimization, cleaning of caches, possible update of ARK servers or mods.

Un soucis en jeu, une question technique à adresser aux admins ? Rendez-vous sur la support page !

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