Rules of procedure

The purpose of these internal regulations is to specify the statutes of the Sydhe Community association, the object of which is to promote and allow each member to have fun through online video games within the framework of the Sydhe virtual community, open to all, via online services developed by the members themselves.

It will be given to all members as well as to each new member.

Title I: Members

Article 1 - Composition
The SYDHE association is made up of the following executive members: Selune, Red, Casse-croute, Coriandre.

Article 2 - Contribution
Honorary members do not pay membership fees (unless they decide otherwise of their own accord). Associate members must pay a monthly or annual subscription.
The amount of this is fixed each year by the Board of Directors.

Pour l’année 2020, le montant de la cotisation annuelle est fixé à 60€. Le versement de la cotisation annuelle doit être établi par PayPal à l'ordre de l'association ( et effectué au plus tard le 01/10.

Any contribution made to the association for granted. No reimbursement of contributions may be required in the event of the resignation, exclusion or death of a member during the year.

Article 3 - Admission of new members
The SYDHE association can welcome new members at any time. They must comply with the following admission procedure: online membership on

Article 4 - Exclusion
According to the procedure defined by the statutes of the SYDHE association, only cases of prolonged non-participation in the association or non-payment of the unjustified contribution can trigger an exclusion procedure.
This must be pronounced by the Board of Directors by a majority of 50 % (Article 12 of the statutes), only after having heard the explanations of the member against whom an exclusion procedure is initiated.

Article 5 - Resignation, Death, Disappearance
The resigning member must send a simple letter or email his decision to the President or to the office.
The resigning member cannot claim a refund of the contribution. In the event of death, the membership is canceled with the person.

Title II: Operation of the association

Article 6 - The board of directors
In accordance with article 13 of the statutes of the SYDHE association, the purpose of the Board of Directors is to prepare and organize General Assemblies, group together the motions of the agenda, and implement the decisions of the AG.

It is made up of the four founders of the community. Its operating methods are as follows:
A board meeting is organized at least once per quarter, the agenda is sent with an invitation letter from the President, at least one week in advance.

Article 7 - The office
The office has the same prerogatives and components as the CA.

Article 8 - Ordinary General Meeting
In accordance with article 10 of the statutes of the SYDHE association, the Ordinary General Assembly meets once a year upon convocation by the Board of Directors.

Only members up to date with their contributions are authorized to participate. They are convened according to the following procedure:
An invitation letter is sent to them by e-mail, or a post is published on the official website. Resolutions are voted on by voice, counted by the meeting secretary.

Article 9 Extraordinary General Assembly
In accordance with article 17 of the statutes of the SYDHE association, an Extraordinary General Assembly may be convened in the event of an essential modification of the statutes, difficult financial situation, etc.

All the members of the association will be convened according to the following procedure: an invitation letter is sent to them by e-mail, or a ticket is published on the official website.

Voting takes place in the following manner: Counting of votes on Discord by the secretary. Absolute majority required.

Votes by proxy or by correspondence are authorized.

Title III: Miscellaneous provisions

Article 10 Modification of the internal regulations
The association's internal regulations SYDHE is established by the board of directors, in accordance with article 18 of the articles of association.
It can be modified by the board of directors, or on the proposal of a quota of members (up to date of contribution) according to a 2/3 vote, according to the following procedure:

The new internal regulations will be sent to each member of the association by email within 3 days of the date of the modification.

Join the association

Any membership in the association "Sydhe Community"implies that you accept the above rules of procedure.

La cotisation annuelle est de 60€. Nous utilisons Paypal pour recueillir et gérer les cotisations, mais une simple Carte Bleue suffit.

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