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Our game servers and our services (site, FTP, emails, etc.) involve the rental of a dedicated server. We rent one at a low price and we subscribe to offer you the best possible experience (without advertising and in complete independence).

Server technical details

  • OS: Linux Debian 10
  • CPU:  Intel Xeon E5-1650v
  • RAM: 128GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz
  • HD: 2x NVMe 450GB SSD
  • Host : OVH

Players participating in this dedicated server rental do so freely: it is a non-binding contribution and can be canceled at any time. You will never be asked to pay an extra cent to play with us (noallopass neither of cash shop).

Access to our game servers and to all of our services is and will remain in public and free access: there is no obligation to pay anything to access the servers.

We remind you that according to article 894 of the French civil code, “the donation inter vivos is an act by which the donor is currently and irrevocably stripped of the thing given in favor of the donee who accepts it. A donation is irrevocable. There will therefore be no reimbursement of any donation.

Many are the people who invested themselves punctually to ensure the good functioning and we can only thank them for all of their services. We leave at the discretion of our members, if they can assume the possibility of helping financially with the payment of the server. The principle is free, however any help is welcome.

Recurring subscription

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