Withdrawal of CKF mod

We have decided to withdraw the mod CKF of the entire cluster as of April 11.

1 ° the CKF mod has not been updated by its designer for a long time already, and will no longer be

2 ° This mod frequently leads to connection losses during transfers between servers ... overflow phenomenon, data overload.

3 ° This mod was installed on the test server with Genesis and the results are potentially disastrous.

Finally, a coherent cluster supposes identical multipliers, but also and above all identical mods.

On April 11, Genesis will be fully integrated into the cluster, and the CKF mod will therefore be removed from the entire ARK cluster on this occasion.

For the Sydhe!

As you know, our charter has been modified to clarify our conception of a multi-game community: a group of players for whom cohesion and mutual aid have a central place.

To this end, we are strengthening various aspects of community life:

  • A preliminary interview will be organized on Discord for all new arrivals;
  • We will ask you to join our Steam group if you plan to play with us on one of our dedicated servers;
  • If you are not yet connected to our Discord server, we will ask you to do it ;
  • The passage of Novice at Member will now be preceded by an interview (in voice or in writing);

Note : our dedicated servers will now reserved for community members. It will therefore be essential to join our group Steam and our server Discord to get there. For our Community Games, join our group Steam will of course remain optional.

These new features will be applied from April 11 !

For the Sydhe!

Start of the Architecture Competition

Building friends, show us your imagination and your talent! Build your base on Genesis, take 3 to 4 screenshots and send them to Capt'Nelo before the deliberation date (05/04/20).

Everyone is invited to participate (even the admin team can participate). We will proceed to a collective vote, a temporary channel will be created for the event. You will be able to vote for your 3 favorite bases, the 3 who will have the most votes will be the finalists.

We will also put the screenshots of the most beautiful bases of the three finalists in "a" from the community site news journal for two weeks and they will be featured on Discord.

The three finalists will also receive dinos and mythical quality items !

  • Medalgold : 3 Dinos + 1 complete set of equipment (legendary quality)
  • Medalmoney : 2 Dinos + 1 mythical shotgun
  • Medal bronze : 1 Dino + 1 mythical long barrel rifle

All participants will also receive 1 Dino.


Sydhe-2.5 ~ ARK Genesis

Hello all,

Starting the April 11, the server GENESIS will comply with the rules of our cluster :

  1. The transfer of characters, dinosaurs as well as the various objects (harvest or craft) will be authorized between all the servers of our cluster.Sydhe Arch ;
  2. the flight will be opened on Genesis ; it will bring to those who wish it an alternative to teleport ofH-LNA !
  3. The activation of the Tek armor abilities will be effective;
  4. Finally, an economic system promoting exchange and mutual assistance will be implemented across the entire cluster;
  5. An event "Architecture Competition" will soon begin and will end on April 10;
  6. Cluster events will take place every Friday evening from 9 p.m. This cycle will last until Sydhe season 3 (September 2020).

Trackmania discovery evening

Hello everyone, we invite Capt'Nelo, DrealliX and myself Hakuna Matata to join us for an evening of Trackmania² Stadium discovery.

For those who do not yet have the game, it is available on steam and is on sale at a price of € 5 until March 9, 2020.

It is also interesting to install the RPG mode via the game menu which is free following the purchase of the basic game. If you have trouble installing it, don't hesitate to ask.

Genesis UP!

Here ! The opening of the long-awaited server The Ark of the Sydhe VII. Genesis is open ! You can now access this server by entering the server name in Steam: sydhe.fr:27044. A new world, unique creatures, a mission system and a slew of adventures await you!

The Admin Ark team will do their best to ensure you the best gaming experience but the server and the extension are very new. It is possible that stability concerns will be felt in the coming days, and patches, as well as mod updates, are expected in the coming days / weeks.

With this in mind, certain mods have been temporarily deactivated and will be reinstated after the tests that we will do in the coming days to ensure their complete integration. The mods are CKF / Eco RP / Eco Garden / Jurassic ARK / Tribute & Elements Transfer.

Feel free to share your feelings about this extension in the comments and the Discord of the community! Good game everyone!

Live Discovery on Trove

Hello, I am going to offer you this week streams Trove in order to make you discover this magnificent game. As strange as its graphic style, its many possibilities as much cosmetic as useful will allow you to stop on a game without catch of head. Appointment Saturday and Sunday around 4 p.m. in the Sydhe voice channel.

Here are some examples of what we will talk about

  • The classes
  • PR (rank of power)
  • The Mastery
  • The club
  • The ST
  • Weekly contests
  • Challenge

Removal of 4 mods

Following the votes expressed on our site, and after reflection, the ARK admins team decided to delete 4 mods, to know :

  • SDS,
  • The Real Phoenix,
  • DinoTracker,
  • Auction House

The latter will be replaced by Capitalism in parallel with the launch of Genesis !

The withdrawal will be announced and made before February 25.

Others mods will be likely to be added after the release of Genesis, which will be the subject of one of the points of the future general meeting in March 2020.

Sacrifice of mods

In order to be able to offer you two new mods for the arrival of Genesis, we must anticipate the withdrawal of two or three mods little used by players.

We offer you a survey with all our mods. It's up to you to designate three!

If you had to remove 3 mods on the ARK cluster, which would they be?
25 votes · 75 answers